Commercial Vehicle dealer of the year 2013
22/03/2013 01:33 - admin
Not only do Arvind Motors deliver commercial vehicles to the last mile, but also increasingly, like our customers, they are getting corporatised themselves.

 This trend has led to an improvement in customer service, financing, spare part inventory management, demand forecasting and brand promotion. Arvind Motors is a vital presence in the field of automotive service in South India for Tata Motors. Arvind Motors has set up an extensive network of branches across Karnataka.

V Sivakumar ( L ) doing the honours with Arjun Rao-Director, Arvind Motors (P) Ltd.



  1. Archana Motors Pvt. Ltd
  2. Jaika Motors Ltd
  3. Arvind Motors Pvt. Ltd

Winner: Arvind Motors Pvt. Ltd